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Camera Kings Reviews

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    Worst customers service ever! ordered a Sony A850. The website said it was in stock. I needed it right away so I paid for the fastest shipping. They had me call in to confirm order and tried to sell me a bunch of other crap like batteries, a warranty etc. I wasnt buying into it. I said no to the other products, everything was fine and dandy, they told me I would get my camera right away. About an hour later, I got an email stating that my order had been canceled as requested, but I had not canceled my order! I called back, no answer and sent them an email, no reply. Called the next day... More...
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  • Scammers...RUNNNNN

    Scam Artist! I bought a camera thru paypal and after a few days of no email confromation a salemens called me while I was driving down the road. He tried and tried to sell me a stupid 3rd party warranty (never). Then he went to upselling related items . I fell for the upgraded battery that would be half price with camera purchase. This made the good deal on camera go away and opened up my credit card to them abusing it . They then charged shipping (was suppose to be free) and a battery i could get anywhere for 25.00 they charged over 100.00 . They were suppose to send email of new pricing... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    boojswah's Picture   boojswah    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dont do IT

    Sketchy service with great prices. I called in my order and ask right away if the item i was wanting was in stock(canon 7d). The seller Ronald Ex: 234 said infact it was, when infact it wasn't. So i placed my order over the phone with him on a Friday, he stated if would ship out on that Monday...Perfect!!!! so i thought. So Monday night comes and still no confirmation email Hmmmmm??? I call tuesday afternoon and a young man states it will ship right away so i said ok thats fine. Wednesday rolls around and still no Email confirmation, so i call again and talk to another gentleman who... More...
    cricketman72's Picture   cricketman72    0 Comments   Comments
  • Camera Purchase

    I had a very bad experience with Camera Kings. After placing an order for a Leica camera, I got a confirmation. A few days, I checked the shipping status on their web site and it appears I had to call a number and extension to verify credit card info. Called the number but only got an answering machince. Left a return number but no one called back. Finally after many trys and days later, I got the person on line, it was minor details but the guy was rude. because of his attitude, I asked I can cancel the order. I immediately went to Amonzon to order the same item. Although I paid... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    lifamily's Picture   lifamily    0 Comments   Comments
  • Camera Kings - SCAM BE CAREFUL

    This online camera retailer basically uses bait & switch tactics and will sell you extremely over-priced accessories (memory cards). My father bought a D7000 from this site which advertises a "Free Shipping Promotion." If you go to the "About" page on the website, it will tell you that "handling and insurance charges" are not included in the free shipping promotion. And so, my father was hit with a $95 insurance and handling charge when it was advertised as free shipping. Additionally, my father received a call from their salesperson a few days after he... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    lilaznpunk6i's Picture   lilaznpunk6i    0 Comments   Comments
  • Camera Kings lack of service

    Ordered the camera, they sent their email saying they HAD to talk to me before processing (opportunity to up-sell their add on junk and service agreement – Note: they already processed the payment) I declined said I needed just the camera. waited 10 days and nothing... no tracking number, no acknowledgment of order/sale etc. Called waited on hold for ever and then was told it was out of stock and they did not know when they would have the camera to ship "maybe a week." They took my money right away. A reputable company takes the money when they ship, not at time of order.... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    frodo123456's Picture   frodo123456    0 Comments   Comments
  • Return Policy Look Out!!

    Hi This Camera Co has a un published return policy of 15%. Even during the Holidays. They charge you shipping both ways. They charge you insurance both ways when UPS says there is only standard insurance. Even when UPS pays the return fees to send refused unopened package back!!. IF YOUR REFUSE DELIVERY YOU CAN NOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK WITH OUT 15% FEE. THEY TELL YOU THAT YOU WILL NOT GET ANY OF YOUR MONEY BACK IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE 15%!!!!! Call and write your local Dist. Attorney and have them open a file. Also call your local consumer protection agency. More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    ddss's Picture   ddss    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bait & Switch

    I learned something today, read the reviews of an online company BEFROE you buy. I purchased a Canon 7D Body Only from Camera Kings....yse a day later the dude called and upsold me some junk, yes junk. Most important, I did receive my package the next day as promised however the camera was in an opened box that read 'EOS 7D EF-S 1- - 135 IS KIT'. Wow, I only ordered the body so I opened the box and they had removed the lenes....well trying to get them on the phone is n ot an easy task. They were closed Saturday, that should have clued me in and today Sunday I was told I needed to... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Tasco's Picture   Tasco    1 Comments   Comments
  • Be careful!

    I was very exited for the really good prices they had for a Sony camcorder. After reading several reviews about how Camera Kings do business, I decided to contact them by phone but noone would answer it, so I sent then an email to confirm their prices, the "free" shipping and "free" gifts and that I was interested in purchasing a $3670.00 camcorder. They never called me back to the # I gave them or even reply the email to sell the camcorder that it is adverised eveywhere for $3,999.00. So, I decided to pay the higher price and believe the complaints that they hide... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    lucho's Picture   lucho    0 Comments   Comments
  • poor service

    A week ago I place an order for a Canon Camera, I got the phone call to upsell me. I told them that i was not need anything and the young man told me that my order would be shipped out in a few days that it was over at the wearhouse i still have not gotten a traking number when i called again they told that with the christmas rush it would take a another day well a week later still no traking number. I got fooled by price dont let this happen to you More...
    oncefooled's Picture   oncefooled    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not reputable

    This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a retailer. I ordered a Nikon D5000 for my daughter and as other reviews report, received a phone call resulting in buying extra items, including an extended warranty. I was assured that the extended warranty was through Nikon. Then I read some of the reviews posted online, and decided I was no longer comfortable with the transaction. I called to cancel. First, Camerakings refused to cancel the order, claiming that it had already shipped--although the next day when I finally got a tracking number, UPS said it hadn't started the... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Cinder's Picture   Cinder    0 Comments   Comments

    This is the first time in my life that I have written a review because quite honestly, most of the businesses I have frequented online are well known and reputable so there is never a problem. This is absolutely NOT the case with Camera Kings. I ordered a Sony DSLR Alpha 500 camera with both 55mm and 200mm lenses. Ordering process online was smooth and I received an email confirming the order. Next day, I receive a call and an email that I need to contact Camera Kings customer service so that they can confirm my order. I also thought this was impressive. Everything went down from... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    shaggyfu22's Picture   shaggyfu22    1 Comments   Comments
  • Camera Kings Double Thumbs Down

    I do NOT recommend anyone buying from camerakings. I ordered a product on Friday...They called me that day to confirm the order, which I thought was pretty good but a little odd. A sales guy continued to try and sell me add on products that I didn't need and told me my product would ship that day. Called customer service on Tuesday as I had no updated shipping info... You can't get thru to the customer service number, so I selected the sales option and got right thru. Talked to the same exact guy, he confirmed my order told me it would ship that night. nothing. Called... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    npiergallini's Picture   npiergallini    0 Comments   Comments
  • Purchase DSLR

    I purchase a bare bones Sony Alpha 550 from Camera King because of their price. A telephone call from them the next day convinced me that I needed many other Items. As it turns out most of these items were not needed and overpriced compared to other sources. So if you find a bargin don't be sold additional items by Camera King because they will be overpriced or not needed. You may also check out their return policy. More...
    bob2023's Picture   bob2023    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stay Away

    Purchased a Nikon lens and got the phone call to pressure me into buying more expensive filters. They also trying to add on handling and insurance which was NOT on their website. I said I wanted to cancel the order so he didn't charge me. But, I did get overcharged for Bower filter set (89.99) and he charge me another $10.00 because he said the price of the lens went up since my order. The old "bail and switch." I did get my Nikon lens/filters the next day, but certainly not at the price I thought I would pay for. Stay with a reliable stores. Will never shop with them... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    buffybuffy's Picture   buffybuffy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never shop here!

    I ordered a Sony TX1 and authorized a payment of $309 on my credit card. A sales person called me the next day to try and sell me a battery and memory card. I told him I did not want either. He was extremely aggresive and pushy and I realized later went ahead and ordered the charger for me!! I called them when I noticed my credit card was billed $ 348 instead of $ 309 . They told me I ordered it and they have shipped it to me..I told them I never ordered an extra battery and have no need for it. They told me I would have to either refuse the entire order or send them back the battery... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    natasha161's Picture   natasha161    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bunch of Liars!

    I hate to be harsh but I find that the salespeople are LIARS. Here is my experience: I wanted a camera to take with me for Thanksgiving weekend. I ordered the camera Thurs before the week of Thanksgiving. The website stating that orders will go out withing 1 to 2 business days - IS A LIE! My order never went out. Instead by MONDAY I receive an e-mail asking me to call them up to "verify" my order. What this is, is a chance for them to pressure sell you additional stuff for your camera. It is now MONDAY and Thanksgiving is only 3days away. I ask the salesperson (after saying... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    arnold3k's Picture   arnold3k    0 Comments   Comments


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